Sweet fruit

Joymi: Sweet fruit

Mia likes a good piece of fruit once in a while, but she’s more interested in Karol’s sweet fruit and has no problem letting her know. Thankfully, Karol feels the same way, and the two of them use this time to explore and enjoy each other. After a lot of sensuous kissing, which they both enjoy, the clothes come off and the exploring begins. Mia uses her fingers at first to penetrate Karol’s sweet, tight pussy, then starts using her tongue as well – much to Karol’s approval. 🙂 With every position change, Karol gets more and more wet, and closer and closer to cumming. Luckily for Mia, Karol is more than happy to return the favor and does so much to Mia’s satisfaction. We won’t spoil it for you… let’s just say both of these sexy babes get their fill of sweet fruit. Enjoy! 🙂

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